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Project: apartment santorini

interior design ,  Odessa ,


Apartment interior design  by the sea in a modern style with Black Sea motifs, Odessa  Ukraine.  The main idea of the project is the modern interior of the apartment, a characteristic feature of which is the transfer  sensations of the immediate proximity of the Black Sea coast, through  color and form in the interior.  Sea, Sun, Air, sandy beaches, silky spikelets... This is how we saw the interior for the newlyweds, who opted for a spacious apartment in  LCD "Santorini"  Man-made rays of light in any weather will raise the level of endorphins in the blood! Smooth, viscous painting  Matisse, Henri  relaxes and sets in a romantic mood! The interior uses glossy reflective surfaces that double the space. We have tried to pay attention to exclusive details in the bathroom, exquisite stained-glass windows remind of summer days on a country beach surrounded by blooming chicory, sea surf and mother-of-pearl shells.

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