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Дизайн интерьера и брендинг MOMOYAMA Ramen bar start-up от Forest Design

Project: MOMOYAMA Ramen bar 

interior design  and architecture,  Odessa ,


MOMOYAMA Ramen bar  is a new Ukrainian startup of a young promising restaurateur.

The idea of the project was to create a cozy space with authentic touches of Japan, a minimalist, perfectly balanced menu and a futuristic mood.

The interest of the project is also due to the fact that these three components had to be competently integrated into the premises of the historical monument of architecture in the modernized neo-Renaissance style.

The space of Ramen bar is divided into four zones: an open kitchen that turns into a fast food area; a bar counter with a suspension made of plywood and perforated steel, imitating the contours of dumplings (after all, literally Momoyama is a mountain of dumplings); lounge area with swings and soft comfortable sofas; dance zone with DJ place.

Gathering all the details, the interior managed to combine the classic Japanese combination of red, white  and black colors in the decoration of the walls; author's illustrations and furniture, the minimalistic lines of which repeat the elements of the corporate logo; preserve and carefully restore steel columns and wooden ceiling beams.

Exclusively natural linen textiles deserve special attention. Japanese curtains playfully transform the space, allowing, if desired, to close from prying eyes and enjoy pleasure in a secluded atmosphere.

Amber balls - lamps, hand-made, created for this project, envelop the space with the mood of the country of the rising sun. An additional accent that completes the image of a light, futuristic space are RGB LED lines, thanks to which the atmosphere is permeated with the vibrant dynamics of a modern city. 

All furniture, lamps and textiles are specially designed for this project and made to order according to the author's sketches.

дизайн интерьера японского ресторана в Украине, Одесса
дизайн интерьера рамен бара MOMOYAMA в центре Одессы
мебель ресторане в стиле лофт
качели в ресторане в стиле лофт
дизайн интерьера с полной реализацией, авторским надзором
мягкая мебель в стиле лофт от Forest Design
индивидуальная разроботка и производство мягкой мебели в стиле лофт от Forest Design
подвес для стаканов барная зона в интерьере
барный подвес из металла и фанеры
принты на стенах в современном стиле
барная стойка ресторана в интерьере лофт
стальные колонны после реставрации подчеркнули дизайн в стиле лофт
реставрация деревянных балок памятника архитектуры подчеркнула стиль лофт в интерьере ресторана
салфетница из металла, декорирование и дизайн ресторана
индивидуальный дизайн мебели в стиле лофт от Forest Design
подсвечник из металла, декорирование и дизайн интерьера ресторана в Одессе Украина
брендинг и дизайн наружной рекламы ресторана бара японской кухни
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