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Interior design of an apartment with an urban landscape in a modern style, Genoese,  LCD Gulfstream, Odessa


interior design

дизайн современной кухни в Одессе
урбанистическая кухня Одесса
дизайн современной кухни Одесса
дизайн интерьера спальни
Спальня в современном стиле
Дизайн интерьера прихожей комнаты
Дизайн освещения прихожей в Одессе
Дизайн гардеробной комнаты Одесса
Ванная – хамам в современном стиле
Ванная комната в современном стиле
Ванная – хамам в современном стиле

       The view from the windows of the penthouse in the new residential complex completely subjugated the interior solution. The urban landscape from the window moved to the panorama of the walls of the working and dining areas. The bright colors of the dawn are reflected in the upholstery of a comfortable soft sofa. The location of the bar counter will allow you to slowly admire the landscape over a morning cup of coffee. The black marble floor and countertop imitate the starry sky, while wall and ceiling lighting with linear fixtures create the atmosphere of a small Japanese night cafe.

        A corridor with a large mirror, a starry marble floor, a colorful print with a symbolic bridge crossing give the interior an unforgettable zest.

        A bedroom in pastel colors with a variety of lighting scenarios, a playful Bubble chair, a weightless bed with a white and chocolate tiled headboard beckons with an atmosphere of rest and complete relaxation.

       The dressing room is decorated with a Japanese-style sliding system, the print on the wall emphasizes the endless transience of being in the age of high technology. The coloristic solution in gray-beige tones promotes concentration and ordering.                    Bathroom - hammam in natural travertine with floor heating and a bench in the shower room, hydromassage creates a relaxing SPA atmosphere. Built-in storage systems are finished with natural wood of a noble gray hue. The color scheme and modern lighting solutions fully include this space in the overall concept of the interior of the penthouse in the new residential complex Gulfstream  overlooking the sea and the big city.

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