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Project: Coffee  AltenHof 

interior design ,  Odessa ,


Design and implementation of a Ukrainian startup -   fast and healthy food cafe AltenHof.

Our studio developed the concept of the cafe, including the development of serving dishes, patterns for the menu and the interior of the establishment.  Our task was to create the atmosphere of a retro cafe where "live" beer is poured on tap. In the project, we used a large amount of metal (grids, profiles, pipes), brickwork and natural wood. The main details were bar stools of our production with retro bicycle pedals and figures of pets made of  plywood.  For serving dishes, it was proposed to use ordinary craft paper with a logo pushed aside by a specially made print. It turned out crisp and juicy. The handmade trays were also made by our workshop especially for this project.

дизайн интерьера кафе
мебель из дерева в интерьере кафе
дизайн витрины кафе
индивидуальная мебель кафе бара в стиле лофт
дизайн интерьера кафе, бара в стиле лофт от студии Forest Design
брендинг кафе, бара, ресторана
индивидуальная мебель в стиле лофт для кафе, бара, ресторана, магазина
дизайн проект кафе бара
брендинг и дизайн кафе бара немецкого пива
брендинг бара крафтового пива
разработка меню и брендинг кафе бара крафтового пива
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