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Repair Work


     Forest Design offers the opportunity to comprehensively implement a turnkey project, from design to full implementation of the project, it can be like small apartments from 30 sq.m. to multi-storey private mansions. The partners of our company are construction organizations that have been working in the construction services market for a long time, as well as private craftsmen. The main directions are:  turnkey construction of houses and cottages, interior and exterior decoration of houses and cottages, gardening of sites, renovation of apartments and turnkey office premises, as well as certain types of construction, installation and repair work.
     Stages of work:
1. Definition of the concept and formation of a specific task.
2. Architectural design,  interior and exterior design, 
3. Drafting  estimates for the performance of work and the cost of building materials.
4. Drawing up a schedule for the production of works and a payment calendar for the work performed.
5. Production of construction and installation or repair and construction works.
6. Delivery of the object to the customer.
List of repair and construction services with prices:
      The main advantages and benefits in the implementation of a turnkey project:
-  long-term experience of civil engineers and workers of various specialties allows us to perform the entire range of construction, repair and decoration services at a high level; 
- rational use of the area of premises depending on their functions and architectural features of the space;
-  a clear understanding of the volume of necessary finishing materials for the repair and construction work, which will help control the repair and construction teams;
- reduction of finishing work production time;
- decrease  the emotional burden of the customer during the repair work (everything is clear what we do, how much and where), and in the presence of architectural supervision is reduced to zero;
- vision and understanding in detail of the future interior of the room with the ability to correct your wishes and clarify your preferences at the design stage, which will prevent in advance unwanted costs for alterations at the expense of the customer;
- implementation of a harmonious space according to the principle of Feng Shui;
- individuality of the space with exclusive products;
- get high-quality expected results. 

We are at our facilities:

дизайн и печать обоев в интерьере
фото дизайна интерьера магазина
производство авторской мебели
производство авторской мебели
дизайн трехэтажного дома
дизайн трехэтажного дома
дизайн интерьера дома под ключ
дизайн интерьера пентхауса
дизайн интерьера пентхауса под ключ
архитектурный и ландшафтный дизайн
архитектурный и ландшафтный дизайн
дизайн террас  в Одессе
дизайн интерьера пентхауса
дизайн интерьера и экстерьера
дизайн магазинов и бутиков
дизайн торговых витрин
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