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Interior design of a two-room apartment, Residential Complex Sixth Pearl, KADORR Group ,

Gagarin Plateau, 5-B,  Odessa


Architecture, Interior Design

Кухня столовая,  FD
Кухня, FD
Спальня, FD
Спальня, FD
Ванная комната, FD
Ванная комната, FD
Диванная зона, FD
Холл,  FD
Зона TV, FD
Холл, FD

              The studio in the residential complex "Sixth Pearl", which is located in the Primorsky district of the city, in Arcadia, on Gagarinskoe plateau street, is made in the Fusion style. Fusion does not have any obligatory elements, its distinctive feature is the fusion of cultures, traditions, styles. This style embodies extraordinary solutions to unite absolute opposites. We managed to combine coziness, comfort and office space in a relatively small space. The studio has 2 workstations, a lovely seating area with a compact library, walk-in closet, storage system in the bedroom, full kitchen and bathroom. In our opinion and in the opinion of the customer, we coped with the task successfully.

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