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Дизайн интерьера в Одессе от Forest Design студии дизайна интерьера и архитектуры, графика илюстрации в интерьере

Design  interior


        Forest Design provides design services  and design implementation  interior of houses, apartments, commercial objects.

Our  priority is  design implementation and  presentation of the finished space to the customer, according to  approved project.

        The whole range of services consists of the following stages:

Project design development.

1. Acquaintance and obtaining initial data.
Filling out the questionnaire, measuring the premises, collecting information about the design features of the space and engineering communications, determining the budget and timing of the project.

2. Conceptual design. 
Preparation of planning decisions, coordination  color palette and style, sketches and collages of interior details.

3. Photorealistic rendering in 3D Max.

4. Drawing up the working documentation necessary for the implementation of the project: functional solutions, arrangement of engineering equipment, layout of interior details, specifications, furniture drawings.

Realization of interior design.

1. Preparation and approval of estimates for services and works, materials, furniture and equipment. Approval of the work schedule and financing. Signing an agreement.

2. Production of construction and installation works. 
3. Author's supervision of the project implementation.
4. Completion of the object with furniture and equipment, production of author's interior items.  
5. Preparation and commissioning of the facility, warranty service.
Financing is phased according to the estimate and work schedule.

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